Nick Lento

Mr. Nick Lento

nick lento

Nick Lento is the NextGen New Entrants Division Manager responsible for the ASSURE Center of Excellence for UAS, UAS Research, Wake Recatagorization, and Closely Space Parallel Runway Operations efforts.

After a 22-year career with the US Air Force, Mr. Lento joined the FAA in 2010 where he has worked Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Operations and the Metroplex project, Branch Manager for Surface and Terminal Prototyping, and then was the Acting NextGen Human Factors Division Manager.

During his UASF career, he managed acquisition programs to include tactical radio systems, Chemical and Biological Defense and Life Support Systems, and was a political-military affairs officer. Additionally, he was the Program Management Lead for the USAF’s B-2A Spirit – the Stealth Bomber, and then worked at Defense Threat Reduction Agency as the Chief of the Systems Engineering Branch and the Deputy Director for Innovation and Systems Engineering.