Paul McDuffee

Mr. Paul McDuffee

paul mcduffee

Paul is Insitu’s vice president of government relations responsible for regulation shaping and development supporting Insitu’s future in civilian and commercial use of unmanned aircraft. He serves as principal liaison with FAA in matters relating to regulatory matters for UAS operations and as advocate for UAS national airspace integration. Paul’s involvement in UAS regulatory development is extensive. Prior to joining Insitu in 2006, he transitioned from a 30 year career in academia as a full professor, Chief Pilot/Instructor, and Vice President of Aviation Training at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

He joined Insitu as Vice President of Flight Operations and Training before moving on to his current role. He currently serves on the AUVSI board of directors and Advocacy Commitee. Paul was a charter member of the FAA’s small Unmanned Aircraft System Aviation Rulemaking Committee and past member of the FAA UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee and the UAS Remote ID and Tracking Rulemaking Committee. He is past working group chair on ASTM’s F-38 Committee developing industry consensus standards for small UAS.

He is currently serving as co-chair of RTCA Special Committee 228 chartered by FAA to establish performance standards for UAS command and control and detect and avoid solutions. Paul was recently awarded the RTCA 2017 Achievement Award and Outstanding Leader Award.. Paul is a current member of the Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team steering committee and was recently appointed as a member of the National Academy of Sciences UAS Risk Assessment panel. Paul recently completed serving two terms as chair of the Aeronautical Industries Association UAS Committee.

Paul is an active pilot and aircraft owner holding Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor Certificates, with jet type ratings, has logged over 9000 flight hours and holds both a Bachelors and Master’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.