Jim Stroiney

Mr. Jim Stroiney

jim stroiney

Jim Stroiney is the Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Mr. Stroiney’s responsibilities include managing operations, programs, projects, and the people that comprise the FAA’s IT Shared Services organization.

The FAA IT Shared Services organization provides services to all non-Air Traffic Control functions across the Agency. The organization has more than 600 Federal Employees and thousands of contractors who focus efforts on delivering reliable and innovative IT solutions to support the FAA’s mission, including a portfolio of 700+ applications, 60+ development and modernization projects, a complex network that connects more than 1,000 FAA facilities, a 24x7 IT helpdesk, and an extensive cyber security capability.

During his tenure at the FAA, Mr. Stroiney has also served as the Director of the Enterprise Program Management Service within FAA IT Shared Services. In that role, he was responsible for all non-Air Traffic Control IT projects and programs, Capital Investment Program Control, and IT portfolio management. He has served on multiple FAA boards that govern the Agency’s investments and acquisitions. Mr. Stroiney has also played a key role in the transformation of the FAA’s IT function during the formation of the IT shared services organization with a major focus on improving efficiency, enhancing quality of service, and modernization.

Prior to the FAA, Mr. Stroiney spent 13 years with IBM, managing Federal Government projects with a variety of Defense and Federal Government Civilian Agencies. He began his career in the United States Army as an Intelligence Officer, later transitioning into the IT field as a software tester. Mr. Stroiney holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Yale School of Management.